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  • 30Sep Comments Off

    I finally had time to amalgamate the research that YW7 did with WordPress plugins, Dead Dogg’s iconography wizardry, and Frank’s CSS work on the forums, to come up with a new theme for our blog.

    Hope you enjoy the new look!


  • 30Sep

    I’ve been keeping my posts about my cancer situation confined to my personal blog, but I feel that this one is important enough to share here. I’ll link to my posting for those who wish to read some very good news: Mistake or Miracle?


  • 22Sep

    The BrushThrall forums are now open to the public. You can find them here:

    Come on by and say Howdy. We don’t bite… much. ;)


  • 20Sep Comments Off

    First off, the forums are nearly ready to open to the public. We’re aiming for the 22nd of September (this Monday) to be finished with the tweaking. I’m sure that will continue past the launch, but the majority of the look and feel will be in place and ready to go for the opening.

    Second, as some of you have noticed, our content has started its migration here to this site. That will continue. Expect some major look and feel changes very shortly. I suspect we’ll develop this side of the site “live” so you as the public will get to watch the changes as they happen if you happen to be here at the time. The reasons for doing this are many, but the primary one is we don’t want to keep you waiting any more for the new site. If we wait until everything is “perfect”, then it will never open. :D

    So stay tuned to this space and/or your favorite minis forums. Odds are you’ll see an announcement from us or someone else mentioning that our forums are open for business…


  • 11Sep

    While it may seem on the surface that we’ve been dormant, underneath the hood we’ve been hard at work tinkering on the inner workings. WordPress (the software that publishes this blog) has been updated to the latest version and I’m hard at work getting it prepped to become our new publishing software for the entire website. As things progress you’ll see features turn on & off occasionally as I test them out. I figure while I have time awaiting treatment I might as well put it to use getting things rolling as long as my energy level holds out.

    On the forum side, it’s nearly ready. Being artists, we want it to look “right” before we let it loose to the public at large so we’re putting the finishing touches on that. We’re also working on a way to unite the two programs to create a unified login system and look for both sides, although that might take a bit longer. Keep watching this site as it will become the primary site from now on, eventually will redirect to here.

    Thanks for all of your continued support, especially those who donated the funds for us to purchase the software and tools to make this all possible. :)


  • 10Aug
    YoungWolf7 Comments Off

    Hello all. I’ve opened up my own blog site to detail the cancer goings-on so the BT blog can get back to it’s usual business. It’s not out of place here, the BT’s all agree on that, but it does cast a long shadow and it’s a big distraction. This way my family and friends can come read about what’s going on without having to wade through “all of that minis stuff”. ;)

    So here’s the new site if you’re so inclined:

    It’s obviously still a WIP, but I’ve been writing all weekend on it trying to get caught up on all of the tumultuous events of the last month. See you there, or not. I’ll still be here as well. :)


  • 17Jul

    Has the sky fallen? Is the end nigh?


    I managed to finish up a review I was working on before the surgery. It’s on Dragon Forge Design’s Wasteland II series of resin scenic bases. I used it for physical therapy to get used to the keyboard & mouse again. The arms are coming back nicely. My stamina is slowly progressing. I can sit & type for about 4 hours before I need a nap, so this took me several days to complete. Enjoy.

    Dragon Forge Review


  • 13Jul

    Long after expected, I have finally returned home from the hospital more or less in one piece. The surgery was a success, it was the aftermath that was the drama. I’ll try to document more in detail as I recover over the next week and sort of build a static archive of this journey. For right now though, if you google the term: malignant hyperthermia, you will find every anesthesiologists worst nightmare. A rare, genetic defect that until Monday while reversing the anesthesia no one, including myself, was aware that I had.

    The Dantroline treatment that saved my life also caused massive phlebitis in both arms and hands where it was pumped in via IV. Even now, a week later, simple things like typing or using a fork are very painful. I have no idea when I’ll paint again, but I’m alive and I’m still fighting. That is what counts. :)

    Thank you ALL for your well-wishes, prayers, support, and donations. They’ve definitely been felt in our little corner of the ‘verse and are appreciated far more than I will ever be able to fully express.


  • 11Jul
    Terarin Comments Off

    Terarin again with a quick update: Looks like things aren’t smooth yet. Some minor complications, including a fever, but things are looking hopeful. Dan should be tranferred to a normal room today. [SteamDog] Juanza saw him yesterday and said Dan is in good spirits. The doctors still have not given him a release date from the hospital. With the complications he has been having they are taking it day by day.


  • 07Jul

    Terarin here with an update for all of those interested in Dan “YW7″ Smith’s status. Dan went in for surgery today. The surgery went well. The doctor removed 10 tumors on his right side and 1 aggressive tumor on his left. Later this afternoon things got scary as Dan had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Fortunately he had a kick a$$ anesthesiologist who recognized what was happening and got it corrected. Dan was moved to the intensive care unit at the University of Utah, and will be moved to a regular hospital room tomorrow. He’s expected to be there for a couple of days. According to his wife, Kerry, he is doing much better.

    Our hopes and prayers are with Dan today. We here at and the SteamDogs are thankful for the outpouring of support the hobby community has shown. We’ll continue to keep you posted.


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