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Posted by Serpent_Six

What to do with all those extra parts?

If you are anything like me, you’ve managed to collect some odds and ends pieces from various models. It may have been from trades, from mispacked blisters, from the Metal Godfairy..who knows. One way or another, you’ve got a pile of bits that you have no idea what to do with.

Here’s the various pieces I’ll be working with…



WARMACHINE has some excellent objective based scenarios, many of them calling for a specific object or item to be placed on the field. I decided to make an objective marker for each faction, so as to add to the realism of the battle, and what the opponents on the field are fighting for.

Cygnar Ammo/Resupply Dump

Looking through the various pieces I had accrued from Cygnar models, I decided to build up resupply objective. This was quite easy to do, given the fact that I had quite a few extra wood crates, as well as rifles from the Trencher Chain Gun Crew. To top it off, I added a Sword Knight shield as well. This is a nice touch, as it really presonalizes the piece as a Cygnar objective, given the fact that the Cygnar Swan is prominently featured on the piece. I’d advise that you build each faction’s marker with that visual cue in mind.

I chose a 40mm (medium) base for all of the markers. Not too big, not too small. They provide a nice sized canvas to build upon. I suggest laying out the pieces in a few different orientations, to see what feels most natural. Once you are satisfied with their placement, glue them into place. For large items, such as the crates, you may want to pin them into place.


Khador Cortex Smuggling

Everyone knows that Khador needs more cortexes…cortices…you know, multiple amounts of corteci? Anyway…..this marker is, perhaps, the easiest. You don’t want to ’smuggle’ a cortex out in the open, so a few crates will do the trick. I had an extra standard from the Kovnik, so I sliced off the Khador symbol and attached it to the top of one of the crates.

Cryx Parts Dump

Cryx is also relatively easy. Considering Necrosurgeons can kitbash virtually anything…any extra parts you have, for any faction, are usable. I had an extra Scrap Thrall, so I hacked him up to get some recognizable body pieces. I added the shoulder pieces from the Driller to add some bulk to the piece. Watch gears and parts also come in handy for this base. These are easily found on Ebay, by the pound no less!


I added some concrete patch to the piece as well; whether it’s mold, or necrotite fluids remains to be seen…


Dead Menites

This piece was inspired by Goreshade’s sidequest in Escalation. Dead Menites appear to be a popular item, so I kitbashed a sarcophagus together, and planted the Menofix on it, as well as a scroll case from the Choir Priest.

First, you’ll want to get an idea of what size coffin lid you’ll need. I placed the Warpriest on a piece of rectangular plasticard, and traced the approximate size and shape of the coffin.


Next, cut out the top piece, and use it as a template for the bottom. For the sides, I used a craft stick as a measuring guide for the height of the walls. Cut, glue, and assemble.


Now, for the identifying mark, glue the Menofix from the top of the Warpriest’s staff to the lid of the coffin. After that, glue the coffin and the scrollcase to a cracked Menite base.

Until next time!