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Posted by Serpent_Six


I knew that I had two Stalkers coming my way, so I wanted to really differentiate the pose. These Stalkers were also the only the second and third Cryx models I’d ever laid a modelling or painting hand to, so I wanted to experiment with paint.


For my first Stalker, I wanted a fairly standard pose: standing tall on its hind legs, with both front claws in mid-air, bearing down on their hapless victim. The only ‘trick’ to the basing was to drill a 3/32″ hole for each leg. This allowed me to push the legs into the base, and secure the each one with a glob of GreenStuff on the underside of the base. This worked better than expected. I’ve actually dropped this model twice already (butterfingers!!!!) without any harm done.




While tooling around with the legs, I realized that the Stalker looked just as good with both rear legs ‘reversed’. If you like very simple conversions, this is right up your alley; no cutting involved, just a simple part swap and reposition. The ‘default’ pose Stalker looks very much like a flea. I wanted this one to be more menacing, like a crazed dingo hunting. With head naturally positioned low to the ground, this beast looks like he’s smelling out his prey, preparing to bound forward at breakneck speed.




Psyche! I wish I had a 3rd Stalker….maybe someday….



The paint went on relatively quickly (for me). Both of these Stalkers took a total of 10 hours. I utilized a lot of the techniques found in YoungWolf7’s Glaze Tutorial article. It really helped me improve my layering by leaps and bounds. I went for an earthy green, as these models will likely be found skulking about, hidden away in forests and hillsides.


  • Basecoat with Citadel Bleached Bone
  • Glaze twice :: 1:12 VMC 141: VMC Glaze Medium
  • Highlight with the above paint, cut it Bleached Bone until you reach a 1:1 ration
  • Highlight with pure Bleached Bone
  • Highlight with VMC 001 (White)


‘Earthy Green’

  • Undercoat with GAFA Raw Umber
  • Basecoat with VMC 113 4:2:1 (Paint : Glaze Medium : Distilled Water)
  • Glaze raised area with VMC 113 4:4:1
  • Continue layering with VMC 113/VMC 128 (5:5:2:2)
  • VMC 113/VMC 128 (1:5:2:2)
  • VMC 128/VMC 121 (4:1:3:1)
  • VMC 128/VMC 121 (2:2:4:1)
  • Glaze entire green areas with VMC 113 (1:12)



  • Basecoat with Citadel Goblin Green (5:1)
  • Add 1 drop of GAFA Hansa Yellow, paint innner 1/2 of vent
  • Add 1 drop of GAFA Hansa Yellow, paint inner 1/3 of vent
  • Add 1 drop of VMC 001 White, paint inner 1/4 of vent
  • Add 1 drop of VMC 001 White, paint inner 1/8 of vent
  • Glaze with Citadel Goblin Green (1:12)


The metals were done after digesting Ark’s Guide to Golds.