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Posted by Serpent_Six

Thank goodness for teamwork! I’ve been slacking in these ‘group articles’, due to my son, Alex, turning 2 years old and finally becoming a Tyrant Toddler. I’ve been modifying my painting style and personal expectations to be more in line with speed painting, as he now only affords me about 2 hours every other night to paint….

I was able to finish both of these warjacks in about 5 hours, which is incredibly fast for me. I know my technique needs to continue to be refined, as the highlights are not that sharp, but it’s coming along well.

The silver and gold metals were done in a similar fashion to the technique I described in the Cryx in 10 Days tutorial. The only difference being that the Gold used a VGC Shining Gold base, rather than VMC 175 Bronze.

The main armor color is a base coat of VMC 168 Black Grey, followed by 2 layers of highlights, adding a bit of VMC 160 Neutral Grey with each highlight. For speed painting, these highlights should be ‘chunkier’; something I definitely need to work on…

The ropes, canteen, and wood are a hodge podge of various colors. Unfortunately, I didn’t note these down at the time. Luckily, you’ll find some decent recipes for them in the other thralls’ writeups on these particular models!






Converting the Mule

I wanted to do something different with that big hunk of crates and extra water barrel. I know it’s called a Mule, and should be burdened as such, but I wasn’t really keen on the placement of the stock piece. I decided to hack it up a bit, and came up with this solution:


Until next time—