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Posted by misterfinn


Darius is an interesting sculpt - very different in flavor from other large WARMACHINE models. He’s got a lot of smooth, curved shapes and fewer corners than a typical warjack. He’s also got a lot going on in a very small space. Once he’s put together, he’s got a plethora of nooks and crannies that are difficult to get a paintbrush into. The smooth curves coupled with the nooks and crannies make it challenging to paint the model in a way that simulates natural light.

I had a tough time deciding where to put color and where to stay with metal. My ‘jacks and troops tend to have a clean look - no mud or dings in the paint. I wanted him to look utilitarian, but not banged up like the studio model. I think the end result achieves a happy medium.

I’ll have an article next week with a full writeup on the model, from parts to finished paint. For now, I’ll leave you with some shots of the completed model and a list of the paints I used.

  • Whites: Vallejo Model Color (VMC) 905 US Bluegrey Pale, VMC 951 White
  • Blues: Adikolor (AK) 38 Nightmare, AK 40 Over Blue
  • Iron: GW Boltgun Metal, Fluffy’s Metal Wash (see below), VMC 939 Smoke
  • Gold: Brassy Brass, Fluffy’s Metal Wash, VMC 801 Brass, GW Burnished Gold
  • Skin: VMC 846 Mahogany Brown, VMC 843 Cork Brown, VMC 819 Iraqui Sand
  • Cap: AK 26 Charred Brown, AK 22 Clay
  • Goggles: VMC 859 Cadmium Maroon, AK 08 Martyr Red, AK 06 Magma
  • Fluffy’s Metal Wash: GW Bestial Brown, GW Blue Ink, GW Brown Ink, VMC
  • 596 Glaze Medium, and water in a 1:3:3:6:6 ratio