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Posted by Serpent_Six


It’s come to my attention that a number of people are having difficulties assembling the Purifier flame thrower on the Flameguard Cleanser models. Rather than say, “I don’t see the problem”, or “It’s easy”, I figured a little walk though would help smooth out any trouble spots.

Needed materials

  • Files
  • Super Glue
  • Pliers

What’s that?

From the information that I have read, the ‘trouble piece’ is the blade that is supposed to be attached to the underside of the Purifier Flame Thrower. Let’s inspect it, as it comes in the blister/box:


I lucked out, and one of the blade pieces had the tab ‘pop off’ during shipping. From the above pic, comparing the piece in the lower right to the other three, it’s very easy to see which tab needs to be removed. Some pieces may have an additional tab from the casting process. The lower left blade has a little extra piece of metal that will also need to be removed.

Removing the tab

You could likely remove the tab by bending it with your fingers until it pops off, but, if you’ve got sausage fingers, a pair of pliers will come in handy.


Once the tab is successfully removed, you’ll have a wee bit of a rough spot on the blade piece. You can just make out the rough edge in the picture below and to the left. A little sanding is all you need to ensure a good fit on the underside of the Purifier.


Test Fit

Once you have sanded your blade piece, test fit it to the underside of the Purifier. Out of 20 Flameguard Cleansers, I had none that needed additional work in order to create a good fit. The one circumstance I can see happening that would require more labor would be the pin of the Purifier not fitting into the receiving hole in the bad piece. This would occur if the pieces cooled at different rates, causing the peg to be too large, or the hole too small. In this circumstance, there are two easy solutions: file the peg off, or use a pin-vice to enlarge the hole.


Once you’ve test fit the pieces, use a small dab of super glue and press the pieces together. Rotate the piece, and check from all angles to ensure the piece is seated relatively straight.

Now you are ready to glue the weapon to the torso. I cross hatched the joints to give more surface area for the super glue. This allowed to to glue the Cleansers together really quickly, as I did not need to pin any of them, or use Green Stuff to help hold together the joint.


Flame On!