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Posted by Terarin


From time to time the BrushThralls get an opportunity to put together an assembly article. Many of our articles have proven useful tools for the Privateer Press gaming community as we have divulged tips and tricks to take some of the frustration out of the assembly of certain models. The purpose of this one is to erase the illusion of difficulty behind one of the more formidable of the HORDES releases: the Shifting Stones.


This is a blister pack of Shifting Stones, purchased from my local game store.

The first thing to do is to inventory the contents. The blister pack comes with everything needed to play with a Shifting Stones unit. In it should be 3 Shifting Stone metal models, three 30mm plastic bases, a reference card, a printed insert, and some foam packaging material. You can discard the insert, but I recommend saving the foam. It is useful to reuse when packing models for shipping.

Prior to actual assembly, use a needle file to clean mold lines off of the Shifting Stones. They are unsightly side effects from the casting process and in my opinion can ruin a good paint job.

The first step for assembly is apply super glue to the bottom of the model. The Shifting Stones have a relatively large footprint, which makes gluing simple. I also recommend adding a little glue to the tab on the bottom.

Next is to gently place the Shifting Stone onto the base, aligning the tab with the slot in the base. The tab on the model is off center, as is the slot in the base, and careful alignment will insure the model is centered up when glued down. A good precautionary step is dry fitting the model and base first so that you’ll understand the fit.

One trick to assembly is to file down the height of the tab on the model. The tab is actually too long for the base, and if you don’t file it down then it will not let the base sit flush on a table.

It’s easier to do this prior to glue. Failure to do so means you will be stuck filing off the excess model with your base in the way.

Do this two more times, and there you have it, a full unit of Shifting Stones.


But wait, this is and I’m going to take this one step further. My pain is your gain. Start by applying a bead of white glue or wood glue around the model. This can be spread with a finger, toothpick, or old brush.

Take the model, and dip it into a container of your favorite basing material. Knock off the excess and allow the glue to dry.

Two more times and you have a fully based unit of Shifting Stones ready for paint and play.


I love the Shifting Stones models and was glad to add two units to my growing Circle Orboros army. I hope that the tips and tricks I shared here will help make assembling them a painless process for others.

Good luck, and don’t glue your fingers together.

April Fools.