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  • 12Sep

    As of today, here’s the progress of Project Rainy Day:

    Army: Project Rainy Day
    Faction: Khador
    Army Points: 750/750
    Victory Points: 24

    Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff - Finn *complete*
    Behemoth - YW7 *paint started*
    Devastator - Terarin *complete*
    Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich - S6 *primed*
    Winterguard (10) - YW7 *primed*
    Winterguard Officer and Standard Bearer - YW7 *over half painted*
    Winterguard Rocketeer - YW7 *primed*
    Winterguard (10) - DD *complete*
    Winterguard Rocketeer - DD *complete*
    Winterguard Field Gun Crew - YW7 *complete*
    Winterguard Field Gun Crew - YW7 *complete*
    Winterguard Mortar Crew - Ark *over half painted*
    Winterguard Mortar Crew - Ark *over half painted*

    Sorscha (extra alt sculpt) - Fluffy *nearly complete*
    Both Six and Ark are hoping to be finished by this weekend, so then it will all be up to me to grind out the remaining WG unit and Behemoth. Can i make it by the 25th? Time will tell…

    Posted by YoungWolf7 @ 11:31 am

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8 Responses

  • Althai Says:

    Looks like you have 10 days of paint work there, if you paint a couple of hours every day. You have 12 days… should be doable!

  • YoungWolf7 Says:

    I have to take tomorrow night off as it’s my wife’s birthday. But I still have 2 weekends in there, assuming I don’t have to work them too. <_<

  • fish Says:

    This is where my laziness would have come in, I would have looked at that list and said “too many models!” and gone with Epic Sorscha, Josef, 2 Destroyers, Devestator, 2 units of Greylords, 2 Mortars and 1 9 man unit of Winterguard + Rocketeer + Standard Bearer + Lieutenant .. 27 models instead of 38 :D

  • YoungWolf7 Says:

    I was looking at a force that *I* would like to build and play. Not for convenience. ;)

  • Rabid Monkey Says:

    When do you hope to get it all on ebay? I might have to sell a kidney to even try and compete for it….. any chance you need a kidney :D

  • Althai Says:

    The real question is this:
    Are you going to give them a go on the battle field once before putting them up for auction?

    C’mon, you know you want to!

  • fish Says:

    Hey, I played and won a league game last week with my list! Bonded Devestator ftw!

  • YoungWolf7 Says:

    Rabid Monkey - I’m hoping to have it all up by the end of the month. I still haven’t decided whether to go for the convenience (and the fees) of ebay or a private auction held here on site. Both of my kidneys are currently working just fine. My stomach on the other hand…
    Althai - I’m tempted, but I’d be afraid of doing harm to the minis that I didn’t paint. I’d feel bad if something happened to them before they were sold. Yes, I know. “Battle Damage” happens, but hey, that’s not what folks are interested in in this case…

    fish - Good for you. I just like the thought of 2 full WG units, one on each flank with the Dev in the middle and the Behemoth right behind him…

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