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  • 17Jun

    Or is life throwing EVERYONE curveballs right now? I’ve friends getting married, some getting divorced, some are ill, and many are moving.

    I’m in the last category. I’ve been living the last 12 years in sunny Silicon Valley. San Jose to be specific. It’s a lovely place. Great weather, good food, interesting and diverse people, access to another dozen interesting cities within an hour… It’s also soul suckingly expensive. Home prices here are 200% or more of the national average, and frankly like so many other people, I can’t really afford mine anymore. When I was working in tech it was fine, but all those jobs have gone over seas, and the competition here for what’s left is simply too fierce to try to get back into it. Instead I’ve beeen working for my family, and frankly it’s just not cutting it. So it’s time to get going.

    So I’m packing up to move. Keeping only the staples out I need to do the commission here or there, but I’ve boxed up my collection of terrain and models, along with all the materials that go with them and I filled the bed of a pickup truck and took it to storage. I can only shake my head in disbelief at how much crap I’ve managed to hang on to.

    Any one else facing some serious strain?

    Posted by ArkenTyre @ 3:43 pm


7 Responses

  • Brian Says:

    Damn, Ark. That’s got to be rough. Have a plan where you’re headed?

  • ArkenTyre Says:

    Las Vegas. It’s close enough to where I’m at now that I can visit friends and family with ease and still cut my expenses by 35-40%. I’ve got a number of years of IT/Helpdesk experience. I’m hoping that translates into work out there. My wife is also a very good office manager/HR rep, so as long as one of us lands a decent gig it should be pretty easy. We’ve got a lot of support, so it’s not like we’re doing this with no safety net… But that doesn’t make it any less crazy.

  • r2-j1 Says:

    Yeah I don’t know how people in you area cut it. It is just so expensive. So you’re moving to Vegas then? That should be interesting. Do you have leads on new jobs there, or you just decide to give it a go there?

  • ArkenTyre Says:

    It’s a give up and go situation.

    I’m hoping that when my house sells there will be enough float to ride out a few months to get settled.

    My in-laws are fantastic people and have offered to help. But ideally we’d like to do it on our own. But there’s a bit of a safety net if it’s needed.

  • zengoth Says:

    Just recently lost my job of 16+ years…


  • Scrapthrall Says:

    Anyone else…?
    Coming wednesday I’ll start with my new job after working retail for 17 years.
    Currently popping heavy antibiotics to fight an inner ear infection,wich has no where else to go but crush my eardrum from the inside.
    Marriage is on the eve of destruction for the last two years due to my wife suddenly being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.
    And that’s not all…

  • Tolin Says:

    Dude, here is wishing you well with the sale of the house and all. New Mexico ain’t a bad place, lots of people moving here from Cali, cause the can sell their place and practicly own a house here outright. I wish we had openings where I am a network supervisor, I’de hire ya just to pick your brushthrall brain! Good luck with everything.