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  • 05Nov

    I’ve posted the beginning of my first Project Log. YW7 Project Log :: Castigator

    It’s a piece that I’m painting for Tim “absath” Buckley. Follow along, won’t you?



  • 03Nov

    I thought I would show my latest creative effort. It’s an Ork themed Pinewood Derby car. It didn’t start out that way, but as I went along my inner Mekboy took over and this was the result:

    More closeup shots and discussion can be found on the forum. :)



  • 30Sep

    I’ve been keeping my posts about my cancer situation confined to my personal blog, but I feel that this one is important enough to share here. I’ll link to my posting for those who wish to read some very good news: Mistake or Miracle?


  • 10Aug
    YoungWolf7 Comments Off

    Hello all. I’ve opened up my own blog site to detail the cancer goings-on so the BT blog can get back to it’s usual business. It’s not out of place here, the BT’s all agree on that, but it does cast a long shadow and it’s a big distraction. This way my family and friends can come read about what’s going on without having to wade through “all of that minis stuff”. ;)

    So here’s the new site if you’re so inclined:

    It’s obviously still a WIP, but I’ve been writing all weekend on it trying to get caught up on all of the tumultuous events of the last month. See you there, or not. I’ll still be here as well. :)


  • 17Jul

    Has the sky fallen? Is the end nigh?


    I managed to finish up a review I was working on before the surgery. It’s on Dragon Forge Design’s Wasteland II series of resin scenic bases. I used it for physical therapy to get used to the keyboard & mouse again. The arms are coming back nicely. My stamina is slowly progressing. I can sit & type for about 4 hours before I need a nap, so this took me several days to complete. Enjoy.

    Dragon Forge Review


  • 13Jul

    Long after expected, I have finally returned home from the hospital more or less in one piece. The surgery was a success, it was the aftermath that was the drama. I’ll try to document more in detail as I recover over the next week and sort of build a static archive of this journey. For right now though, if you google the term: malignant hyperthermia, you will find every anesthesiologists worst nightmare. A rare, genetic defect that until Monday while reversing the anesthesia no one, including myself, was aware that I had.

    The Dantroline treatment that saved my life also caused massive phlebitis in both arms and hands where it was pumped in via IV. Even now, a week later, simple things like typing or using a fork are very painful. I have no idea when I’ll paint again, but I’m alive and I’m still fighting. That is what counts. :)

    Thank you ALL for your well-wishes, prayers, support, and donations. They’ve definitely been felt in our little corner of the ‘verse and are appreciated far more than I will ever be able to fully express.


  • 04Jul

    I’ve posted a full static page updating my status here. You can see the link on the sideboard if you ever need to get back to it.


  • 25Jun

    I thought I would post and give you an update on what is going on in my “neck” of the woods. (Bad pun intended.)

    After undergoing my annual screening for my thyroid cancer it’s been determined to be very likely that it has returned. I had my first visit with a new doctor yesterday, Dr. Jason Hunt up at Huntsman Cancer Institute. He specializes in cancers of the head & neck, over 50% of his cases are thyroid cancer, so he’s pretty much THE guy to see here in Utah when it comes to thyroid cancer. After reviewing my test results and my history to date we’ve formulated a plan. I’m scheduled for a chest CT tomorrow afternoon. This is to look for any signs that the cancer may have spread to my lungs or other lymph nodes in the chest. It’s only a 1% chance on the lungs, a bit higher on the lymph nodes. This is primarily to rule out any spread. Regardless of the findings, the first priority is to get me to the top endocrinologist at the University (Dr. Abraham) who will conduct an ultrasound guided FNA (fine needle aspirated) biopsy of all of the small nodules in my neck to determine which ones are indeed cancerous. This will provide Dr. Hunt a roadmap of my neck to plan my surgery to remove all of the bits in one go.

    IF the CT shows spread, then I will be undergoing radioiodine therapy again after I recover from the surgery. If not, then the surgery will be it for now. We want to hold back on the radiation as it can cause more harm than good with overuse and cause things like secondary cancer and damage to my salivary glands. All things I’d like to avoid. ;)


  • 10Jun

    I thought I’d wait for the new forum to go up, but decided I’d put this up now since we’re still working on that.

    I finally completed my one year check up and gamma scan for my thyroid cancer last Friday. The test results came back today. The scan itself is negative, but my blood tests show elevated levels of thyroglobulin. Since this is produced by the thyroid, and mine was completely removed last year, this is a possible indicator that there is still some cancerous thyroid tissue remaining in my neck or body somewhere. On to round two of Dan vs. cancer. This fight will be easier though. It’s already on the ropes. :)


  • 06Apr

    Finally finished the Revenants today. While I was at it, I thought I would show what difference black or dark lining can make on a paint job. I snapped before and after pics of 2 models just to illustrate the difference.


    Revenant1_before1.jpg Revenant1_before2.jpg

    Revenant2_before1.jpg Revenant2_before2.jpg


    Revenant1_after1.jpg Revenant1_after2.jpg

    Revenant2_after1.jpg Revenant2_after2.jpg

    The difference is subtle, but it is there. Look in particular around the goggles on the second model. The dark lines help to define the straps and lenses to stand out from the skin. Just a little something to share. :)

    Here’s a group shot to tide you over until I can post good pics in the gallery tomorrow (from work.)


    Images are now up in the Gallery.


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